How to install A2billing on a VPS

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1. We need to install php 5.2 first because a2billing uses 5.2 but Centos 5 comes with php 5.1

# nano /etc/yum.repos.d/centos-testing.repo

and add the following:

name=CentOS-5 Testing

press Ctrl X>Y> Enter

Now update

# yum update

2. Install additional required packages if not already installed

# yum -y install php-mcrypt perl-DBD-Pg

3. Change php folder permission back to what it was set to during Asterisk/FreePBX install before PHP update

# chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/lib/php/session

4. Add php timezone:

# nano +639 /etc/php.ini

Uncomment date.timezone =Africa/Cairo

Change # date.timezone = to date.timezone =Africa/Cairo
5. Restart apache for the changes to take effect

# service httpd restart

6. Get a2billing source

# cd /usr/src
wget --no-check-certificate

If you are installing on Centos 6 better grab the latest version on


Note the filename of the downloaded file and use it as follows:

# tar zxvf   v1-current

# mv Star2Billing-a2billing-xxxxxxx   a2billing

7. Prepare MySQL database

# cd /usr/src/a2billing
# mysql -u root -p < DataBase/mysql-5.x/a2billing-createdb-user.sql
# cd /usr/src/a2billing/DataBase/mysql-5.x
Answer questions as follows:

Enter Database Name: mya2billing
Enter Hostname: localhost
Enter UserName: root
Enter Password: 'mysqlrootpassword'
# cp /usr/src/a2billing/a2billing.conf /etc/
nano /etc/a2billing.conf

Make sure the following parameters are set as shown.

hostname = localhost
port = 3306
user = a2billinguser
password = a2billing
dbname = mya2billing
dbtype = mysql

8. Create files and set permissions

# chmod 777 /etc/asterisk

# touch /etc/asterisk/additional_a2billing_iax.conf
touch /etc/asterisk/additional_a2billing_sip.conf
echo \#include additional_a2billing_sip.conf >> /etc/asterisk/sip_custom.conf
echo \#include additional_a2billing_iax.conf >> /etc/asterisk/iax_custom.conf
chown -Rf asterisk:asterisk /etc/asterisk/additional_a2billing_iax.conf
chown -Rf asterisk:asterisk /etc/asterisk/additional_a2billing_sip.conf

9. Run sound installation script

# cd /usr/src/a2billing/addons/sounds
chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/

# nano /etc/asterisk/manager_custom.conf


10. Set up a2billing web folder

# mkdir /var/www/html/a2billing
cp -Rf /usr/src/a2billing/admin /var/www/html/a2billing/admin
cp -Rf /usr/src/a2billing/agent /var/www/html/a2billing/agent
cp -Rf /usr/src/a2billing/customer /var/www/html/a2billing/customer
cp -Rf /usr/src/a2billing/common /var/www/html/a2billing/common

# chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/www/html/a2billing
chmod 755 /var/www/html/a2billing/admin/templates_c
chmod 755 /var/www/html/a2billing/customer/templates_c
chmod 755 /var/www/html/a2billing/agent/templates_c

11. Set up AGI

# mkdir /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
cd /usr/src/a2billing/AGI
cp a2billing.php /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/
chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin
chmod 755 /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/a2billing.php
ln -s /var/www/html/a2billing/common/lib /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/lib

# nano /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf

exten => s,1,GotoIf($["${OUT_${DIAL_TRUNK}:4:4}" = "A2B/"]?custom-freepbx-a2billing,${OUTNUM},1:2)
exten => s,2,MacroExit

exten => _X.,1,DeadAGI(a2billing.php,${OUT_${DIAL_TRUNK}:8})
exten => _X.,n,Hangup()

exten => _X.,1,Answer
exten => _X.,n,Wait(1)
exten => _X.,n,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1,callback)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1,cid-callback,34) ;last parameter is the callback area code
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1,all-callback,34) ;last parameter is the callback area code
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1,did)
exten => _X.,2,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1,voucher)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1,did)
exten => _X.,2,Hangup

exten => _X.,1,deadAGI(a2billing.php,1)
exten => _X.,n,Hangup

Go into FreePBX GUI>Setup>Trunks>Add Custom Trunk give it a name and add the following dial string

12. Add custom destinations to FreePBX via FreePBX GUI>Tools>Custom Destinations

Custom Destination: custom-a2billing,${EXTEN},1
Destination Quick Pick: (pick destination)
Description: A2Billing - Callthrough
Custom Destination: custom-a2billing-did,${EXTEN},1
Destination Quick Pick: (pick destination)
Description: A2Billing - DID

13. Start or restart FreePBX

# amportal restart

Recurring Services
Recurring services are handled via the /etc/crontab.

14 Make directory for A2Billing cron PID

mkdir -p /var/run/a2billing
chown asterisk:asterisk /var/run/a2billing
Copy cron files to some permanent location such as /usr/local
mkdir -p /usr/local/a2billing
cp -R /usr/src/a2billing/Cronjobs /usr/local/a2billing/
ln -sf /var/www/html/a2billing/common/lib /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/lib
chown -R asterisk:asterisk /usr/local/a2billing

15. Add the cron jobs to /var/spool/cron/asterisk.

# nano /var/spool/cron/asterisk

# update the currency table
0 6 * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/currencies_update_yahoo.php
# manage the monthly services subscription
0 6 1 * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_subscription_fee.php
# To check account of each Users and send an email if the balance is less than the user have choice.
0 * * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_notify_account.php
# this script will browse all the DID that are reserve and check if the customer need to pay for it.
# bill them or warn them per email to know if they want to pay in order to keep their DIDs.
0 2 * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_bill_diduse.php
# This script will take care of the recurring service.
0 12 * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_batch_process.php
# To generate invoices and for each user.
0 6 * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_batch_billing.php
# to proceed the autodialer
*/5 * * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_batch_autodialer.php
# manage alarms
0 * * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_alarm.php
# manage archive
0 12 * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_archive_data_cront.php
0 10 21 * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_autorefill.php
15 * * * * php /usr/local/a2billing/Cronjobs/a2billing_batch_cache.php

16. Add log files:

mkdir -p /var/log/a2billing

touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_alarm.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_autorefill.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_batch_process.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_archive_data.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_bill_diduse.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_subscription_fee.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_currency_update.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_invoice.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/cront_a2b_check_account.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/a2billing_paypal.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/a2billing_epayment.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/a2billing_api_ecommerce_request.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/a2billing_api_callback_request.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/a2billing_api_card.log
touch /var/log/a2billing/a2billing_agi.log

# chown -R asterisk:asterisk /var/log/a2billing

Add index file to prevent browsing of root folder
touch /var/www/html/a2billing/index.html

# Log into the webpage


user: root
pass: changepassword


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