How to reset passwords for Freepbx, A2billing, Elastix and PIAF

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Many times i get asked how to reset passwords in different systems. This article will explain how to do this in some VOIP systems.


1. FreePBX® 

To reset the admin password in FreePBX® you do the following:

Login to your ssh client and type the following

amportal admin auth_none

You will get the following response

Please wait...

trying to run as user asterisk:

[AUTHTYPE] changed from previous value: [database] to new value: [none]

Now login to yourFreePBX®  using username admin and no password and edit/add/create  admin details

After that go into your ssh and enter

amportal admin auth_database

You will get this response

Please wait...

trying to run as user asterisk:

[AUTHTYPE] changed from previous value: [none] to new value: [database]

You are done. You can now logout of FreePBX®  and login with new credentials

Please note that FreePBX® is a Registered Trademark of Schmooze Com, Inc and our mention of it in this or any other tutorial does not mean we are in any way associated or affiliated with them.


2. A2billing

To reset A2billing password you need to login to your ssh

1. Determine the database name, user and password for your A2Billing database

# head -n 15 /etc/a2billing.conf

The settings are normally at the top of the file so we just need the first 15 lines. They are usually

user = a2billinguser
password = a2billing
dbname = mya2billing

2. Log in to MySQL using the details we just got for the A2Billing database -

# mysql -u a2billing-user -p mya2billing
Enter password: a2billing

3. Change the password for root to ‘changepassword’ by using the following string

#mysql> update cc_ui_authen set pwd_encoded = '410fc6268dd3332226de95e42d9efa4046c5463769d7493b85e65cfa5c26362dc2455cc23c0bc5831deb008def4ab11a9eaa9b76ba3f377da134f39ec60dd758' where login='root';

4. You should now be able to login to A2Billing using the username/password of root/changepassword.

The A2billing password reset part is courtesy of  Matt Newcombe


3. Elastix

For Elastix just login to your ssh and enter the following line

# sqlite3 /var/www/db/acl.db "UPDATE acl_user SET md5_password = '`echo -n password|md5sum|cut -d ' ' -f 1`' WHERE name = 'admin'"

Replace the red coloured password with your desired password.


4. PBX in a flash (PIAF)

In PIAF login to ssh and enter the following

# passwd-master

This will change all your access passwords to the new one that you will be prompted to provide.

Thats it for now

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